Mirizio Microphone Mount Unveils V3

Updated model simplifies the challenge of mounting microphones in grand pianos without clamps and gaff tape.

Mirizio Microphone Mount has been simplifying the age old challenge of mounting microphones in grand pianos, (lid closed or opened) without clamps and gaff tape.

Many piano owners, as well as rental houses will not allow tape or clamps that can mar the extremely expensive instruments. MMM has created a simple solution that rests on the shell of the piano and can be adjusted to allow focusing microphones where the engineer prefers them.

V3 has several new enhancements since the original released in May of 2016. All aluminum parts are anodized Black, and etched with the name and logo for a timeless finish.

Under the swivel plated where the device rests on the piano shell is felt tape to keep the metal off of the instrument. The ends of the slotted rail have a felt tape, so all parts that touch the piano are felt coated to prevent scratching. The swivel screws are shorter now so they don’t protrude past the locking nuts at the bottom of the rail.

Lastly a case is available from the website. The case is a modified expandable document tube. Expanded to the proper length and riveted into place. Then the seam is sealed to keep the seams from catching. Each end has a 1-inch high density foam pad inside to keep the unit from moving.

Tim Powell of Metro Mobile Recording in Glenview, Illinois says, “I have been recording live music for almost 40 years. After a few unsuccessful techniques, I starting using Atlas C01B clamps on the piano’s struts. They worked OK, but could leave a mark on the struts.

“The folks at the Lyric Opera stressed that we could not use any clamps on their beautiful piano. TC Furlong & Associates suggested I check out your mount. It was perfect for the Lyric gig. When I showed your mount to the stage crew, they were very impressed.”


Mirizio Microphone Mount

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