Mirizio Microphone Mount For Grand Piano Now Shipping (Video)

New microphone mounting system is fully adjustable for positioning virtually any microphone inside the shell of a grand piano.

Mirizio Microphone Mount has introduced a unique microphone stand that rests on the inside shell of the grand piano.

It can be adjusted to focus “your” microphones wherever you want them. A proprietary bolt and jam nut assembly allows the user to secure microphones to the slotted rail with the confidence of stability.

Cut from aluminum and anodized black for years of use, it consists of 2 slotted 36-inch rails that are held together with 2 carriage bolts and star knobs. They are adjustable so you can place the rails across the inside of the piano shell in your preferred position.

Two custom microphone mounting bolts attach to the slotted rails with star knobs and are adjustable across the horizontal plane. The unit rests on the piano shell on 2 swiveling end plates. The end plates are fastened to the slotted rails with 2-inch bolts and locking nuts. The plates swivel so you can angle the device for more versatile focusing of the microphones.

The Mirizio Microphone Mount is available now at a price of $199 with free shipping to U.S. addresses.

Mirizio Microphone Mount

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