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MIPRO TA-80 Key To Optimizing Large-Scale System For Mexico’s Independence Day Celebration

TA-80 UHF digital wireless plug-on transmitter deployed as part of system measurement rig for 209th celebration in Zocalo of Mexico City.

The 209th Independence Day of Mexico is celebrated in Zocalo of Mexico City (Zócalo CDMX) as the most symbolic event for for the country each year. On the eve of Independence Day, the president of Mexico re-enacts the “The Cry of Dolores” (Grito de Dolores) from the balcony of the National Palace in Mexico City, while ringing the same bell Hidalgo used in 1810.

Education and support manager Jorge Araiza of Sensey Electronics designed and optimized the entire system with the MIPRO TA-80 digital wireless transmitter as part of his measurement system. “I used TA-80 to optimize all the system that includes main PA, out fill, 8 front fills, and 4 delays systems. So it was an easy job because of the lack of cable. MIPRO’s TA-80 allowed me to move the microphone in the place that I need it without using hundreds of cable. In large venues like this, the use of the cable is simply out of place,” says Araiza.

He utilized the MIPRO TA-80 system not only to optimize the sound system, but to also obtain the information on different points of the baseboard plate along with the sound pressure levels (SPL) required to hear the voice clearly.

Araiza also notes another important facet of the event: “As you should know, the voice of the president is the most important thing in this show. So, to be sure that it has the level and the clarity we need to cover up to 100,000 people, I use TA-80 placed 100 meters away from the sound system and it allows me to measure the levels and the frequency response.” He adds, “as shown in the picture below, we got 91 dB SPL C and the frequency response as well from 300 to 4,000 Hz. So we can focus on the clarity of the voice.”

A further critical concern was optimizing the president’s balcony. The TA-80 transmitter also enabled EQ and level adjustments for this part of the system from front of house.

On the advantages of the TA-80, Araiza states, “I really like its unique frequency response that goes from 20 Hz up to 20 kHz. So you use it to align the fast response from the main system and subwoofers, as well to Delay’s systems or front fills. Further, the battery has a long duration. One single charge was enough to work all day long from the morning call to the last rehearsal in the night.”

“Without a doubt, this job could not be done so effectively and practically without MIPRO’s TA-80. For big applications, MIPRO’s TA-80 digital transmitter is the best tool you can find in the market.”

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