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Middle Atlantic Introduces VisionFrame Monitor Wall System

Available in both freestanding and desk mount configurations to provide heavy-duty structural support for monitors in a wide range of sizes.

Middle Atlantic has introduced the new VisionFrame Video Monitor Wall System which provides heavy-duty structural support for monitors. 

The system saves integrators valuable installation time with a simple effective design, and can be quickly and easily specified with the company’s Middle Atlantic Designer 3D Layout software.

VisionFrame Systems can be designed with monitor height over 13 feet from the floor and with unlimited length, providing unmatched versatility.

Available in both freestanding and desk mount configurations, VisionFrame systems are well suited for a variety of applications including digital signage for information sharing, advertising and visual communications.

It also helps optimize viewing of larger and multiple screens simultaneously in security and other monitoring environments.

Middle Atlantic has designed every aspect of VisionFrame including its own custom extrusions and hardware. 

“We weren’t satisfied with the durability and functionality of extrusions currently on the market,” said Middle Atlantic Application Engineer Dean Wheelan. 

“We put a lot of thought into the role those pieces play in the system and designed our own custom extrusions to provide the strength that VisionFrame needs and to make installation much easier.”

Making VisionFrame easier to specify is Middle Atlantic’s Designer 3D Layout Software, which is available as a free download at Middle Atlantic’s website.

The software allows users to quickly and easily create a VisionFrame Video Monitor Wall, ViewPoint console or desk layout with exceptional flexibility and high-quality graphics that provide a realistic depiction of the environment being designed. 


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