Middle Atlantic Debuts IsoCenter Rackmount Isolation Transformer System at 2009 InfoComm

At 2009 InfoComm, Middle Atlantic Products introduced the new IsoCenter Rackmount Isolation Transformer system, which is engineered to enhance AV performance by eliminating many issues related to power and grounding.

The IsoCenter system is comprised of an energy saving high-efficiency shielded isolation transformer, control electronics and a dedicated load center, all housed in a compact 4-space (7-inch) chassis.

This integrated design reduces the labor and expense of installing multiple components. While typical isolation transformers consume 93 watts at idle, the energy-efficient IsoCenter system consumes only 9 watts at idle.

The IsoCenter system attenuates high frequency noise and voltage transients, performs auto shut down when safety ground integrity is compromised, and ensures over/under voltage protection, all without degrading power quality.

In addition, the system provides all 120-volt output circuits with the same phase to eliminate noise from cross-phase leakage. Superior electrical isolation is maximized by the rackmount design, which enables the use of shorter ground wire lengths, making the AV system even less susceptible to current-induced noise.

The unit enables the use of lighter gauge feeder wire, which saves on copper costs, and its magnetic leakage is negligible which allows placement within the rack.

An additional benefit is the inaudible sound level, unlike the loud buzzing of conventional transformers. The system also features an innovative rear support design.

The IsoCenter system is backed by a 10-year warranty.

Middle Atlantic Website

(Be sure to visit PSW’s 2009 InfoComm New Product Gallery.)

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