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Meyer Sound & Roskilde Continue Partnership To Enhance The Festival Experience

Meyer Sound embedded a crew of 22, working alongside 32 Roskilde sound staff members, to work hand in hand with artists’ technical teams throughout the event.

“It’s really good to know when you’re coming into a situation like this that you are coming in to familiar situation with Meyer Sound and Meyer Sound technicians,” says Icelandic engineer Ingvar Jónsson, who mixed front-of-house for Robyn. “A real comfort is to know the system and know that you have well-trained technicians who take good care of you.”

“Festivals are always tough in that you’re faced with so little time; you’re faced with a fast changeover,” adds Penelope Isles’ FOH engineer Max Jacomb. “But the thing that overrides that for me is the fact that with a Meyer Sound system, there’s just more room to maneuver.” Jacomb adds that he appreciates the support team’s collaborative spirit: “I have a system tech who’s asking me questions about what I want instead of telling me what is going to happen, and that is huge.”

Backstage, Meyer Sound hosted Sonic Lounge and Tech Lounge hospitality spaces where artists and production crews could relax, recharge, and learn about the technology powering the festival and research conducted onsite, taking in presentations by Meyer Sound Director of System Optimization Bob McCarthy, Roskilde Festival audio consultant Morten Büchert, and other experts.

Another view of the 2019 Roskilde Festival. (Photo credit: Ralph Larmann)

Ultimately, elevating the concert experience is about narrowing the gap between the artist and the audience, says John Meyer. “The relationship between the artist and the audience is really what matters here,” states John Meyer. “It’s all about content and the experience of people enjoying the music they come to hear.”

“This year is Meyer Sound’s 40th anniversary and next year is Roskilde’s 50th anniversary,” notes Helen Meyer. “So we’re very, very excited about building on everything this year, making it even better next year, and helping Roskilde celebrate their 50th in great style.”

“Roskilde Festival is the biggest event happening in the Nordics,” adds Bright CEO Fredric Holmgren. “This is one of the big crown jewels of festival production…we’re really proud to be a part of it.”

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