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Meyer Sound Appoints Tech Industry Veteran Marc Chutczer To Expand Digital Programs

Leading a range of new digital technology initiatives as well further development of current digital programs.

Meyer Sound has announced the appointment of Silicon Valley veteran executive Marc Chutczer to the newly created position of vice president of digital program management, where he is taking charge of what the company describes as one of the most significant refocusing efforts in its 40-year history.

“Digital signal processing and networking technologies have become inseparable from today’s leading-edge loudspeaker and acoustic systems,” states executive vice president Helen Meyer. “The appointment of Marc Chutczer and the concurrent formation of a new cross-functional management team will enable Meyer Sound to maintain its lead in developing and bringing to market the world’s most advanced, fully integrated solutions.”

Under Chutczer’s direction, Meyer Sound will pursue a wide range of new digital technology initiatives as well further development of current digital programs, including Constellation, spatial sound initiatives, Bluehorn System, M-Noise, MAPP, SIM, and AVB networking.

Chutczer comes to Meyer Sound with a wealth of experience in high-level technology sector management, including project management at Hewlett-Packard, co-founder and COO at Design SHIFT and CEO at Kaertech.

“Meyer Sound has contributed a wealth of expertise to the audio industry over its 40 years,” Chutczer notes. “The digital team is a treasure trove of new ideas, and we’ll be working hard to bring them to market while maintaining a commitment to the company’s tradition of innovation and uncompromised quality.”

Some of the company’s team members focused on digital technologies include senior scientist & innovation steward Roger Schwenke; director, engineering digital products Brent Hoffman; director, digital product experience Tim Boot; director, spatial sound Steve Ellison; director, emerging technologies Perrin Meyer; digital products solutions architect Richard Bugg; senior digital products specialist Rob Mele; and technology and solutions specialist Rimas Avizienis.

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