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Mexico’s Castelein Audiovisual Services Invests In Bose ShowMatch

ShowMatch DeltaQ compact line array loudspeakers chosen to service a wide variety of corporate event clients in Mexico City.

Castelein Audiovisual Services of Mexico City has more than 15 years of experience renting audio, video and lighting equipment to produce corporate events and artistic shows. This year Castelein decided to upgrade its audio equipment with the Bose Professional ShowMatch DeltaQ Array system, which satisfies the needs of its broad range of customers and applications.

Castelein is known not only for the quality of the equipment it provides, but also the level of professionalism it delivers with its various services such as audio system rentals, setup and operation. This gives its clients full confidence in the company to plan and produce their events. These include many of Mexico’s top event planners, PR and promotion agencies, production companies, and even other AV rental companies. Due to this wide range of client projects, Castelein seeks to have all necessary equipment to fulfill needs ranging from a small conference of less than 100 people, to a multi-session congress or a musical show in a 1000-seat venue.

Castelein Audiovisual Services’ Bose Professional ShowMatch DeltaQ array system, deployed at a recent event.

The Bose system recently acquired by Castelein includes 16 ShowMatch line array modules, eight SMS118 subwoofers, suspension accessories, and four compatible PowerSoft X4 amplifiers. With this ShowMatch DeltaQ system, Castelein can deliver the intelligibility and coverage that the voice of a presenter needs to get a message through, the audio clarity required to enhance the experience from a corporate video, and all of the full-bandwidth power needed for a live concert performance.

Castelein’s relationship with Bose Professional technology began in 2009, when it first added Bose L1 Portable line array loudspeakers as part of its rental inventory. This experience became one of the aspects that Aymeric Castelein, director of Castelein Audiovisual Services, took into consideration when contemplating the company’s investment in a new ShowMatch system.

Castelein, who has a professional background in business administration, rated what Bose Professional systems offer in terms of rentability. “I trust the brand’s name recognition and the staff expertise of the Bose team in Mexico, so I knew the sound quality of the system and its specifications would meet the criteria we were looking for,” points out Castelein. He notes four key elements that helped tip the scale towards ShowMatch.

“First and foremost, the system’s impressive power to size and weight ratio, considering how compact the modules and subwoofers are, which speeds up assembly and, at the same time, satisfies the aesthetic requirements of corporate events. Secondly, the fact that these are passive speakers (and consequently lightweight), which makes it easier to work in venues with a small weight allowance or without rigging points. Then came the local support and service provided by the Bose team. And finally, the opportunity to strengthen Castelein’s relationship with the brand, since the Bose name is well-known in the industry and readily accepted by the company’s corporate customers.

“I like to see our suppliers as allies, because we can help each other and grow together. With Bose Professional we have assumed the challenge of positioning the ShowMatch DeltaQ system among different production and rental companies and sound engineers, and we’re working very hard to achieve that goal,” concludes Castelein.

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