Metric Halo Introduces ULN-8: Converter – Processor – Preamp – Interface

Metric Halo has launched its anticipated ULN-8 – an audio processing converter and interface offering archival-grade converters, enhanced digitally controlled ULN (ultra low-noise, high-headroom) preamps, dedicated analog-domain sends and returns, analog domain 7.1 monitor controller, AES interfacing, extensive front panel control with excellent front panel metering.

All of the capabilities of the ULN-8 are built atop Metric Halo’s fifth-generation 2d Processing, mixing and FireWire interfacing platform.

This integration provides significant benefits to the owner in the form of reduced cabling (lower cost, weight and less opportunity for failure), weight, power consumption, and cost, while at the same time providing exceptional performance for recording, editing, mixing and mastering suites.

The unit’s standalone operation and standard AES and analog interface allow use as the Audio Front End and Monitor Controller for Pro Tools, stand-alone and PC-based recording systems.

• Eight channels of archival quality, zero-phase distortion DC-coupled, calibrated 192k A/D
• Ten channels of archival quality, zero-phase distortion DC-coupled, calibrated 192k D/A
• Eight channels of Metric Halo digitally remote-controlled, high-headroom ULN-R preamps (-130 dBu EIN)
• Two channels of exceptional ultra high-Z direct input for instruments
• 8in/8out 192k AES interface
• Full-featured front panel tactile control surface for standalone and connected operation
• All inputs switchable between line and mic
• Eight channels of analog domain send (for analog S/R before conversion and analog preamp output)
• Metric Halo’s exclusive per-channel selectable Character
• Word clock in and out
• Digitally-controlled analog domain monitor control
• Full-featured fifteen segment precision metering
• SMPTE I/O channels
• MIDI I/O for direct connect of Mackie control protocol control surface
• Integrated mixing and deep instantiable DSP processing (includes full +DSP license)
• Stability – mature, real-world-tested firmware, and time-tested fifth-generation Mac OS software and drivers
• FireWire interfacing with ultra-stable, ultra low-latency drivers (FW400 & FW800 supported)
• Exceptional power performance (only 32 watts – DC powerable)
• Low mass (9 lbs. / 4.1 kg.)
• Extremely compact (everything in 1 RU)
• Rack-mountable

Click to enlarge: Front and back panel views of the new Metric Halo ULN-8.

The ULN-8 provides archival-quality conversion at multichannel prices. Eight channels of conversion and AES interfacing allow for multiple analog and digital processing signal chains as well as monitoring and processing in surround. If more analog processing chains are required, additional ULN-8s may be added to a system.


The ULN-8 also provides “boutique-quality” preamps. Multiple ULN-8s may be combined to build large-scale recording packages in a small space. The ULN-8 can also be combined with 2882 and ULN-2 units in a complete recording system.

The integrated mixer in the ULN-8 is a complete digital console with mono to 7.1 bus support, monitor control section, instantiable delay-compensated processing with full delay-compensated send and return support in the mixer.

The mixing and processing engine of the ULN-8 can serve as a ultra-high-quality digital outboard summing system, or the converters can drive an analog summing bus, with results captured.

The ULN-8 has an MSRP of US $5,995, and is available immediately from Metric Halo and it’s worldwide distribution channel.

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