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Metallica “World Magnetic Tour” Upgrades With Apogee X-Series A/D-D/A Conversion

Four Apogee AD-16X converters are placed shortly after the house console as the point of entry into the all digital signal path which includes fiber optic cabling.

Supporting their ninth studio album, Death Magnetic, Metallica is hitting arenas across the U.S. and Canada with a monster-sized in-the-round sound reinforcement system that includes Apogee X-Series converters for both A/D and D/A conversion.

Thunder Audio of Taylor, Michigan – sound company for the tour – chose an all digital drive system setup for unprecedented sound quality.

In total, eight Apogee converters deliver 64 channels of I/O.

“When designing this system we had a criteria set forth for achieving the highest quality in uncompromised audio,” states Thomas Hejnicki, Project Manager for Thunder Audio.

“Based upon reputation and experience, we needed to look no further than Apogee for our AD/DA solution.

“In fact, we tried. But with Apogee as our reference, we found no acceptable alternative.”

Four Apogee AD-16X converters are placed shortly after the house console as the point of entry.

The all-digital signal path also includes LightViper fiber optic cabling routing to Meyer Sound Galileo digital processing and and then Meyer Sound line arrays.


In the rack: Apogee X-Series converters (above) and Meyer Sound Galileo processing.

Completing the path, four DA-16X converters sit before the line arrays as the last component in the chain ensuring the best conversion blasting out to thousands of fans.

Metallica kicked off the tour in October and will continue moving across North America through January before heading to Europe.

Go here for the latest itinerary.

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