METAlliance Certifies Sommer EMC-Quad And Carbokab Cables

Sommer Cable‘s EMC-Quad and Carbokab cables have been certified by the Music Engineering and Technology Alliance (METAlliance). 

METAlliance co-founder Frank Filipetti commented, “A lot of people say there’s no difference among cables, but this new Sommer cable just wipes everything else off the map.”

Based on Sommer’s multicore line, the German company has packed four wires into one jacket, which allows them to be connected in a crossover mode to reduce capacitive value. The wires are 100% shielded by a tight copper mesh and a semiconductor foil. EMC-Quad ensures neutral reproduction with dynamics and is recommended for connecting microphones, preamps, power amplifiers, audiophile CD and SACD players, turntables, as well as all professional studio equipment. A 30-day money back guarantee is included.

METAlliance co-founder Chuck Ainlay remarked, “It’s such a quality cable just by the look and feel of it, and the XLR connectors are unbelievable. But listening is believing, right?  I did a number of tests using different manufacturers cables and I just went straight from the converter to the speakers, nothing else in between. I was completely blown away that I would even hear a difference in the cables, and then I was shocked when I heard the difference between a cable I use every day and how much better Sommer sounded, far exceeding every other cable that I tried.”

Sommer’s new SC-Carbokab cable 225 features a conductor smoothing of highly compressed carbon that is directly applied to the concentrically stranded wires. Carbokab offers the same electrical benefits as solid wire, yet stays flexible and guarantees consistent, excellent transmission with an absolutely linear sound image over long distances of up to 200 meters. The shielding isolates the cable from any interference signals coming from peripheral units such as effects devices, computers, synthesizers, etc. in the professional studio.

Ed Cherney concluded, “I put them down and ran them where they were getting stepped on and kicked around and they never failed. I pulled out all my old cables and replaced them with Sommer for all my speakers and all of a sudden the transients were far better and the imaging was so good, I couldn’t believe it. I always thought a cable’s a cable, but it’s not true, and Sommer cable is probably the best cable out there. I’m a new convert and I’m really glad I have them.”

“It is very gratifying that our cable products have been recognized and certified by the METAlliance,” said Sommer Cable America CEO Martin Ucik. “It validates our tremendous dedication to quality by being recognized by such a dedicated group whose mission is ensuring the highest-quality audio.”

Sommer Cable
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