Merlijn van Veen To Present Engineering Brief At AES

"Effects of Acoustic Center Position in Subwoofers" session to be held this Friday October 20th at 4:30 PM​​ in New York.

This Friday October 20th at 4:30 PM, Merlijn van Veen will present an Engineering Brief in concert with Mario Di Cola and Paolo Martignon both from Contralto Audio​ at the 143rd AES Convention​ in New York.

The brief, titled Effects of Acoustic Center Position in Subwoofers, is registered under course number EB04-3.

From the Engineering Brief… “the acoustic center of a direct radiating subwoofer unit is placed ahead respect to the driver membrane, at a distance depending on driver and cabinet dimensions. This has effects on acoustic simulations and it deserves some attention to avoid errors. Measurements are shown which confirm acoustic center position theoretical calculation and a discussion is made about its effect on the definition of models for accurate simulations.”

Merlijn van Veen

Effects of Acoustic Center Position in Subwoofers Engineering Brief

143rd AES Convention​

Contralto Audio​

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