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Mediagents Studio In Helsinki Adds New Audient Mixing Desk

Jyrki "Speedy" Saarinen deploys ASP4816 console at his Mediagents facility that’s utilized to create music for TV series and make records for independent labels.

As a significant part of a recent renovation project, musician, producer and mix engineer Jyrki “Speedy” Saarinen has installed an Audient ASP4816 mixing desk in Mediagents, his recording studio in Helsinki, Finland utilized to create music for TV series and make records for independent labels.

Saarinen splits his time between his studio and working for Finnish National Broadcasting Company YLE. He’s mixed and recorded hundreds of different events for YLE over the years, including music festivals and sporting events, for broadcast on TV and radio. He also mixed the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki, the first surround sound broadcast in Eurovision history.

When choosing gear for his own studio, Saarinen had a very clear idea of what he was after. “We needed an analog console for recording and especially for mixing. We searched the market for the alternatives and noticed that ASP4816 fitted our needs well,” he explains. “The Audient signal chain including the EQ’s have turned out to be very useful. They don’t add noise or any other unwanted character. You can run the mixes quite hot and it sounds good.”

Mediagents is a hybrid studio working with both digital and analog gear. Utilising Pro Tools as the main DAW, all mixes go through the analog summing in the ASP4816, with the addition of traditional outboard gear as well as a variety of plugins. “The bus compression is also used quite often,” he notes. “I find mixing in the analog domain faster than working just ‘in the box’.”

Speedy’s long and diverse career began right after his audio recording education back in the 1980s. He’s also freelanced as a music producer and worked for 16 years as a monitor engineer on the main stage at the Pori Jazz festival, one of the oldest in Europe.

When the ASP4816 came to the attention of local audio school Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, they came to Saarinen for more details. “Metropolia asked for my opinion and I was happy to recommend it. ASP4816 is a nice console, especially for its size and price,” he concludes. “I’m very lucky to have enjoyed such a varied career. I’m very thankful for YLE that it’s been possible for me to do a lot of different things.


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