Master Audio Launches DSP Studio App For iPad

Master Audio has launched the highly anticipated iOS DSP Studio app for iPad, bringing full wireless remote control and monitoring of its flagship Xcellence series of loudspeaker systems to the popular tablet device.

The application – which is also available in a PC version – utilizes a bespoke control protocol that supports Wi-Fi connectivity (control over IP). This allows the app to address the ethernet-enabled amp and DSP modules in the Xcellence series cabinets, affording the user visual feedback on amplifier status and the ability to edit processor values from any spot in the venue.

Parameters such as crossover frequency, gain (per way and separately mutable), limiter, polarity, delay, five custom parametric EQs or an array of filter shapes, can all be adjusted in fine detail, with several elements controllable at the same time using grouping functions.

The app also provides comprehensive information about input and output levels, heat-sink temperature, clip and protection indicators.

In essence, the app will allow engineers to monitor and control the main parameters crucial to delivery of exceptional sound at a concert or installation, using only their iPad.

Via a modern, elegant and straightforward interface, each setting can be accessed with a minimum of touchpad gestures, the app’s fast performance ensuring there is no time spent waiting for pages to load.

DSP Studio detects the presence of Xcellence cabinets automatically and lets the user add each one into a layout before adjusting its position. In both small and large projects, loudspeakers can be organized under different tabs and edited either individually, in links of two or more identical cabinets, or as groups of varying models.

This would facilitate, for example, the tuning of an entire left or right stack. Factory or user-defined presets can be called up, saved or edited at any time.

A video demonstration of the app can be found here:

This announcement follows the news that Master Audio has upgraded the point source cabinets in its Xcellence range with the high-end, Ethernet-ready amp and DSP modules first introduced with the line array series. These modules are among the most advanced of their kind and feature third-generation Class-D amplifiers boasting the best measurable specifications in the market.

As the only Class-D technology that does not employ HF damping networks, these modules provide full power bandwidth all the way up to 20kHz and extremely high efficiency for masses of headroom.

The amplifiers are perfectly matched to cutting edge DSP modules featuring 48bit/96kHz internal architecture for high performance AD/DA conversion, precision crossover filters and advanced signal processing, which, of course, can be controlled via the DSP Studio app.

“The Xcellence series is a stunning range of cabinets coupled with equally incredible amp and DSP modules, and when you factor in completely wireless and fully comprehensive remote control and monitoring, what you’re looking at is a system that is absolutely at the vanguard of its sector,” Master Audio’s R&D Manager Joan Amate commented. “It represents a huge amount of hard work and dedication by our engineers and the iOS app is the final piece of the puzzle. It’s an exciting time for Master Audio.”

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More information about the Xcellence range can be found in a new 2013 catalog, available to download now from the Master Audio website. You may also request a print copy by emailing [email protected], or by contacting your local distributor, details of which can be found on the website.

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