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Martin Audio W8LM Mini Line Arrays Reinforce BC Student Leadership Conference

"This system was required to energize the room and the audience." - Steve Williams

For this year’s recent Student Leadership Conference at the Kelowna Secondary School in Kelowna, British Columbia, local production company Northwest Global Entertainment knew they had, in the words of Production Manager Steve Williams, “a relatively short throw but a wide area to cover with maximum intelligibility and a warm, full sound.”

This annual conference is for students and advisers from across BC. This year’s conference featured an action hero theme that was incorporated in all of the custom stage sets, costumes and presentations.

As Williams reports, “we had a diverse group of performers, speakers and presentations that required first rate sound under very dynamic and changing conditions. From higher SPL playback with visual artist David Garibaldi (recently on tour with The Blue Man Group) to a full orchestra/band performance with Ryan Donn and several powerful keynote speakers, this system was required to energize the room and the audience.”

The presentation, which also included Mark Scharenbroich, Hannah Taylor, Alaina Podmorrow and Ian Tyson, featured a system consisting of 10 Martin Audio W8LM mine line arrays, two flown Martin W8LMD downfill cabinets, and four ground-stacked Martin WSX subwoofers. All of this powered by four Martin MA 2.8S and 2x MA4.2 power amps with Martin DX1 Processors.

The crew consisted of Williams as well as Christoph Mayer (FOH Engineer) and System Techs Perry MacDonald and Jose Antunes. Using Martin Audio’s DISPLAY and ViewPoint software to assist in maximizing the performance and coverage for the venue.

“We had no doubt the Martin Audio W8LM would be the perfect system for this job and easily lived up the high expectations of the client,” Williams notes. “Our crew received many comments from the clients and the various artists on the amazing sound quality. We were extremely pleased with the performance and the versatility of this powerful little system”

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