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New Martin Audio WPC arrays flying left and right in Juniper Hall at the Splas Resom resort in South Korea.

Martin Audio Specified For Upgraded Splas Resom In South Korea

Main Juniper Hall at spa resort in Chungcheong Province equipped with Wavefront Precision Compact (WPC) arrays and SXC118 cardioid subwoofers joined by numerous CDD loudspeakers in many locations in the facility.

The Splas Resom, a membership spa resort in the Chungcheong Province of South Korea, recently completed an upgrade that includes new sound reinforcement provided by Martin Audio loudspeakers and supporting components in a project handled by Asea Sound working in partnership with Martin Audio distributor Sama Sound.

Sama Sound product manager Edan Kwon notes that the loudspeakers had originally been specified with another brand. “And so we worked hard to get this changed to Martin Audio,” he continues “With the help of a presentation we were able to show the company and its engineer the advantages of the new system design over other brands.”

Specifically, the company’s Wavefront Precision Compact (WPC) line arrays proved to be the right match for the previously specified system, meeting all the same performance criteria. “Therefore this system pretty much decided itself,” Kwon says. “It was the same with SXC118 subwoofers; since a cardioid subwoofer had been specified, we designed the system with SXC118.”

He adds that the scalable Wavefront Precision offered additional advantages: “The venue was constructed without regard for architectural acoustics, so there were consequently many sound reflections, especially from the venue back wall, as well as from backstage. The Hard Avoid feature [in the proprietary DISPLAY software] helped us to control those reflections, while the customer was more than satisfied at how the SXC118 cardioid subwoofer reduced the radiation behind.”

Set in hangs of five elements a side in the main Juniper Hall and accompanied by four SXC118 subs in cardioid, WPC is driven in 2-box resolution from an iKON iK81 and four iK42 amplifiers. A pair of LE200 wedges have been provided for stage monitoring.

The loudspeakers, including many from the CDD series, have been installed in a number of multipurpose banquet halls that are mainly used for corporate events, seminars, and workshops. The system needed to be sufficiently versatile to handle a number of source feeds, ranging from background music, voice announcements and occasionally live music.

Elsewhere, in the Rosemary Hall the specification moves to a pair each of Martin Audio W8VDQ and SXC118 subs, with two further CDD8B acting as delay speakers—powered from a further four-channel iK42. Geranium Hall sees a pair each of CDD8B as main speakers and CDD5B as delays, with four CDD8B in the Iris & Marigold Hall, and a pair of the same speaker in each of the Sage Hall, Jasmine Hall and Verbena Hall spaces.

Overseeing the project for Sama Sound was sales manager Jong Hwa Seo, while Seung Hwan Kim designed the system. Hong Geun Kim took charge of the loudspeaker installations and system tunings.

Seung Hyuk Im state, “Since the venue is mostly rented, I wanted to choose equipment that was familiar to visiting engineers. Martin Audio was one of my considerations from the beginning and it provided me with the best system solution. I have experienced [the brand], both from exhibitions and also when I was working in a rental company. The sound is so clear and punchy, and the balance extremely good. Engineers who came in to rent systems for their events were all 100 percent satisfied.

“I was also fully satisfied with the performance of the SXC118 cardioid subwoofer,” he concludes. “Since we are a resort, the aesthetic was also important. Martin Audio speakers look classy and fabulous, but are also small enough to be fairly unobtrusive—particularly the cardioid subwoofer; it is not easy to find one this small.”

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