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Martin Audio Monitoring Supports Jesus People Ministries Church In The Miami Gardens

Martin Audio LE Series monitors replaced the bands active monitors, resulting in surprise that passive monitors could sound so good.

Founder-owner Harold Cummings and his company Drummer Boy Productions recently provided an entire Martin Audio system for a concert by leading Gospel artist Fred Hammond at the Jesus People Ministries Church in Miami Gardens.

Hammond, one of the top Gospel Artists in the world who was once featured in the group Commissioned, takes a keyboard player, drummer (musical director Calvin Rogers, a well known artist in his own right), bass, guitar and percussion players along with three background singers.

Asked to provide sound and staging, Harold says, “We transformed the existing stage into a larger set up for the band with Martin Audio LE1200 and LE1500 stage monitors and four W8LMs and 1 W8LMD per side flown from a Genie lift along with 4 WS218X subs, 2 ground-stacked two per side.”

“We also used Yamaha PM5Ds for monitors and FOH.”

Cummings described his experience with the backline for this show, “It sounded amazing. It was thrilling to a have a complete Martin Audio system for the first time, because we’d been using their monitors for some time now.”

“We also had sidefills made up of H3s with WSX218X subs that sounded ridiculous. So loud and so clear, it’s just the system to have.

“Whatever they asked me for, monitor or house-wise, we were able to give them without batting an eye. Ray Hammond, Fred’s brother, who is production manager and front of house engineer was very happy with the sound.

“They had originally specified active bi-amped wedges, but I knew how good the Martin Audio LE Series sounds so I stuck with them and the client was blown away that passive monitors could sound that good!”


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