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Members of the 22live pro audio service provider team. (Photo Credit: James Cumpsty)

Martin Audio Announces New Partnership With 22live

Recently formed UK-based pro audio service provider makes large commitment to Wavefront Precision and TORUS, acting as both a Martin Audio dealer and rental partner.

Martin Audio has announced a new partnership with recently-formed pro audio service provider 22live (based in Redditch, UK), which has invested in WPL, WPC, WPS, WPM and TORUS loudspeakers joined by SXCF118 and SXHF218 subwoofers and powered with Dante-networked iK42 amplified controllers.

The partnership reunites the company with hire director Paul Timmins, who has a long relationship with Martin Audio, joined by team members that include managing director Spencer Beard, commercial director Alex Penn, technical director Simon Gladstone, operations director stefan phillips and finance director Ian Bidmead. The large investment in Martin Audio’s technology enabled them to make an immediate impact in 2022, supporting the Sigur Rós global tour with the manufacturer’s Wavefront Precision system and TORUS scaled for arenas, and the Australian Pink Floyd Show UK, with Wavefront Precision and TORUS scaled for theatres up to small arenas.

“There is always a lot at stake when it comes to selecting a partner brand,” Timmins says. “For us, we needed to get our hands on a product that gave us more of a USP, and was supplied by a manufacturer that complemented our own ethos. This was the key to a successful launch.

“As we were considering a substantial investment in the brand it was important to hear Dom‘s [Harter, Martin Audio managing director] longer-term vision for the company, and how that could positively impact on our needs and expectations,” he adds.

The commitment to live was further reinforced when parent company Focusrite plc acquired Linea Research in March 2022: “We saw bringing the amplifier manufacturer in-house as really providing Martin Audio with the tools it needed to become more successful.”

For all his confidence in Wavefront Precision’s USP’s, Timmins still had to sell it to the rest of the team, so he arranged a demo at Martin Audio HQ in High Wycombe. Gladstone commended the control software while Phillips could see the investment would help guarantee a long life cycle and would grow alongside the company.

Gladstone also points out the company backing of the TORUS constant curvature array: “TORUS has been an excellent product for 22live already, and it produces a great result with minimal effort. It sounds great out of the box and the dynamic horn flare makes it very flexible and intuitive. My first experience of TORUS was utilising a pair of T1230 as a main FOH box, paired with the SXCF118 sub, whilst teching a small Sam Ryder show — and I was very impressed.

“It’s a great versatile box, working well standalone, and also when supporting larger systems as fills etc. It’s a real workhorse and a staple for rental companies small and large, as well as ticking boxes for venues and touring acts alike. If you’re considering a move towards Martin Audio, this is a great place to start.”

Finally, 22live saw the potential of working with the expanding Martin Audio network of front-line rental partners through a burgeoning summer of outdoor events. “The more we got into the opportunity that Wavefront Precision presented, the keener we were to get onboard,” Timmins concludes. “It felt like a small risk to take backing something new, but it was a considered risk, with plenty of opportunity to go with it.”

22live will also now act in 2023 as a dealer for Martin Audio, representing the company as a supplier focused on supplying Wavefront Precision and TORUS products predominantly to the touring market.

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