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Marion Church Of God Upgrades Audio With WorxAudio Technologies Line Array

Dialog and music reproduction take a big step forward as part of facility re-model

As part of an extensive renovation of its sanctuary, the Marion Church of God recently completed installation of a new sound system featuring components from WorxAudio Technologies.

Billed as the “friendliest church in town,” Marion Church of God conducts five services each week to accommodate its varied congregation and broadcasts its weekly program, God’s Revelation for the Hour, over a local cable television channel. Music plays a vital role in the church’s worship services and with their new sound reinforcement system, both music and dialog are sounding better than ever.

Orangeburg, SC-based Templeton Sound Systems, a firm that specializes in the design and installation of church sound, church video recording/multimedia, and church stage lighting, was contracted to handle the design and installation of Marion Church of God’s new sound system. According to Michael W. Templeton, President of Templeton Sound Systems, the church—with a congregation size of roughly 150 to 200 people—was looking to improve upon its existing sound system while maintaining a low visual profile.

The sanctuary is approximately 50 feet wide by 70 feet deep, notes Templeton, and within this space, there is an extremely vibrant musical experience as part of the church’s worship services. With a praise band, a praise team, plus a choir, there was a real need for an upgraded sound system that was equally competent at handling both dialog and music reproduction.

Because the sanctuary has an exposed wood beam ceiling, church officials wanted a clean line of sight from all seats so as not to interfere with the room’s aesthetic qualities. They didn’t want multiple boxes cluttering the ceiling areas.

As a result, this project called for some sort of centrally positioned line array cluster. The challenge, then, was being able to find a system that offered both the throw and, most importantly, the broad symmetrical horizontal dispersion to provide even coverage to every seat in the room.

After presenting their solution to church management and receiving the green light to proceed, the Templeton Sound Systems installation crew installed WorxAudio Technologies’ TrueLine X5i-P line array system—centrally flown above the front edge of the stage/altar area.

The X5i-P is a two-way, high efficiency, “all-in-one” ultra compact line array incorporating five modules in a single enclosure for a total of five 1-inch exit compression high frequency drivers and ten 8-inch cone transducers for low frequency reproduction.

The system is powered by WorxAudio’s PMD-3 digital power amplifier, which provides 2,000 watts of power for the low frequencies and 500 watts for the highs along with twin digital program processors.

Mounted on the rear of the X5i-P and out of sight from the congregation is a single WorxAudio X1i-P two-way, high efficiency, ultra compact line array system. This enclosure is angled down at the stage/choir area and serves as a monitor system for the choir.

Featuring a 1-inch exit compression driver for the high frequencies and dual 8-inch cone transducers for the lows, the X1i-P is powered by WorxAudio’s PMD-200 digital power amplifier.

The system’s low frequency contingent is provided by dual WorxAudio TL118SSi-P subwoofers. Each enclosure features WorxAudio’s highly acclaimed TL1801SS low frequency transducer—known as the Super Sub for its long excursion, high output sub bass performance characteristics.

Each enclosure is powered by a QSC RMX 2450 amplifier in bridge mono mode. These subwoofers are housed at the left and right front edge of the stage / altar area in recessed, sealed chambers.

For onstage monitoring, Marion Church of God took delivery of two WorxAudio Wave Series WX12M floor monitors. These two-way, high efficiency, passive loudspeakers provide an extremely low profile. Each stage monitor incorporates a 1-inch exit compression driver for the high frequencies and a 12-inch cone transducer in a tuned enclosure for the low frequencies. Powered by QSC RMX 2450 power amplifiers, they can freely be positioned as required.

With the new sound reinforcement system in place, Templeton reports that everyone is extremely pleased with its performance.

“We’ve received a huge number of compliments from both church management and the congregation,” said Templeton. “No matter where you walk throughout the room, the sound coverage is crystal clear and even. WorxAudio’s TrueLine X5i-P is a really unique line array system that offers tremendous bang for the buck. The system’s horizontal dispersion is a very broad 160 degrees, which is unmatched by any competing products in its class.

“Of equal importance, the TL118SSi-P subwoofers output a tremendous amount of low-end punch you have to feel to appreciate. Together, this combination of products creates an extremely musical, natural sounding system that offers tremendous return on investment. I’m confident we’ll be installing more systems like this in the future.”

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