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Marianas Trench Carries APB DynaSonics Console

An APB ProRack Monitor console has been the perfect solution for their wireless IEM system.

“Masterpiece Theatre“, Vancouver-based Marianas Trench recently purchased an APB ProRack Monitor console for their wireless IEM system.

The band played the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver and dates all across the.

Fronted by Josh Ramsay, the vocally oriented 4-piece band has been acclaimed for its musical intelligence and ability to play everything from soul/R&B to hard rock and punk.

Asked about APB, Brett Jamieson, monitor engineer/guitar tech said, “For the harmonies to be as strong as they need to be, the clarity of the APB made it an easy, obvious choice the minute we tried it.

The EQ and mic pres were so powerful at getting what we wanted, quickly.”

Josh Ramsay, whose father Miles Ramsay created Vancouver’s studio Little Mountain Sound, added, “I grew up listening to music through a Neve console so my ears have been spoiled and it’s hard to listen to mediocre stuff when you know how good it can be. We needed the quality we became used to in the stu-dio.”

The APB ProRack Monitor fit the bill perfectly and has become an essential part of the band’s touring set up. “We don’t use house desks anymore, we fly the ProRack with us wherever we go”. 

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