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Malvicino Designs New Paradise Island Studio With Sommer Cable

All recording locations on the island are connected to the studio control room through Sommer Cable via Dante.
Inside the new Paradise Island Studio on Nukutepipi., where Sommer Cable is employed for a range of interconnect needs.

New York City-based Malvicino Design Group (MDG) has completed the new Paradise Island Studio on Nukutepipi, an island in French Polynesia, that’s equipped with an Avid S6 console, Neve, API, SSL, UA and Shadow Hills outboard gear; ATC monitors, an Aviom headphone system, and more, with critical interconnect via Sommer MC-Mistral analog/digital combo cable.

The studio is owned by Cirque du Soleil creator Guy Laliberte. and after its completion, the first artist to write and record in the new space was U2’s Bono. In addition to the studio itself, artists are able to record from all over the island, including a 50-foot tall observation tower. All recording locations are connected to the studio control room through Sommer Cable via Dante.

The design team overcame several challenges due to the remoteness of the location, and in preparation for the buildout assembled the entire studio in the U.S. to verify that all gear was in top working order before shipping. The team consisted of Laliberte and his technology advisor Steve Cloutier; Eric Lynn of Infinite Studio Solutions; Horacio Malvicino and Fabiola Mena of Malvicino Design Group; and architect Richard Dulude. Equipment was provided by Stephen Bannister of Westlake Pro.

Lynn was the chief facilitator and person in charge of the project. He’s a studio and workflow designer noted for his role as director of operations at Rick Rubin’s Shangri La Studios since 2008. His background as an artist, performer, producer, and engineer lends a unique perspective to his customized studios.

The Malvicino Design Group specializes in recording studio architecture, custom acoustics, and manufacturing of audio products, wiring, integrating and commissioning more than 500 studios to date. Horacio Malvicino, who holds a degree in Electrical Engineering, made the decision to utilize Sommer MC-Mistral analog/digital combo cable for this project.

The wire pairs of Mistral cable have a pre-twisted drain wire and another shielding made from AL/PT compound foil. For added protection against corrosion and oxidation, both the conductors and the drain wire are tinned. The returns on the cable splices are easily recognizable by the color-coding on the conductor pairs.

“This studio is unique and simply astounding, with great attention to detail and especially durability,” Malvicino states. “And it’s clear that Sommer Cable was a great choice for this new studio. Their dedication to the client is thorough and everything’s easy to order online. We’re sourcing everything from them, including connectors and peripherals. The quality of their craftsmanship is brilliant.”

Go here for more specifics about Mistral cable, and note that free 1-foot samples are available on request.

Sommer Cable
Malvicino Design Group (MDG)

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