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Magneto Audio Labs Ships the VariOhm

Provides the best match between microphones and preamps, enhancing audio quality and providing tone choices.

Magneto Audio Labs has announced that their debut product, the VariOhm, is now shipping.

The VariOhm is connected between the microphone and the microphone preamp, either the built—in preamp of a mixer or an external mic pre may be used.

The concept behind VariOhm is that the impedance of microphones and preamps vary considerably. 

The resulting impedance relationship is a key factor in determining the sound and tonal characteristics of the audio.

The central element VariOhm uses are custom built transformers.  These impart much sought after audio characteristics associated with great analog sound. The optimum match is created by inserting the VariOhm between your mic and preamp.

The desired settings are easily found by using the impedance control knob and by auditioning with the bypass switch.  Different settings for different tone colors and bite are available to fit different applications.

VariOhm may be used with all types of microphones; dynamic, FET, Tube condenser or ribbon.  Users will find that every microphone and preamp combination reacts differently and the optimum settings will vary.

Other features included are a “hard-wire” (i.e. no active components present) bypass – to insure accurate comparisons of the input signal, a Phantom/Off-switch – to protect vintage Ribbon mics, and a Phase/Reverse switch – for bi-directional mics and general use.

“This has been a fun project born out of my use of mic and preamps in studio situations. Some of the nicer mic preamps offer a setting or two and it was a revelation to find what a difference that made, and how it expanded or changed mic choices,” said founder Bob Reardon.

“The VariOhm expands on that and brings the capability within the reach of any user to get more out of the gear that they thought possible, with more options and tonal colors. Our goal at Magneto is to bring ‘analog warmth to a cold digital world’ with our products.”

Many classic microphone and preamp combos work well together because of their impedances. By inserting the VariOhm between the mic and the preamp/interface, this important relationship can be adjusted by the user.

Impedance values can be matched for maximum output or altered for additional tone settings for all kinds of microphones. 


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