Mackie Launches New SRM-Flex Portable Column PA System

Mackie has introduced the new SRM-Flex portable column PA system, which includes a 6-channel digital mixer as well as wireless control and streaming.

The loudspeaker incorporates a 10-inch woofer in the molded cabinet base module, which also contains an amplifier specified as delivering up to 1,300 watts, joined by the digital mixer. The 3-piece tower houses a wide-dispersion array with six 2-inch high-frequency drivers, with the height of the tower adjustable to optimize coverage.

“Portability is a major factor with a portable PA, and SRM-Flex delivers,” states Craig Reeves, Mackie product manager. “At under 30 pounds, the SRM Flex is easy to carry one handed, and it’s small size means it will fit easily into the trunk of your car — or even on the bus.”

SRM-Flex has been tuned with acoustic measurement technology for optimized sound quality. The digital mixer provides offers two mic/line inputs that accept microphones, instruments, and more, and there’s also a dedicated stereo channel with dual 1/4-inch line inputs and a dedicated 1/8-inch aux in/Bluetooth streaming channel.



Channels 1 and 2 are equipped with individual 2-band EQs and Reverb level controls with three different reverbs to choose from. For further tailoring, there are three voicing modes selectable via push button. Connecting to a second SRM-Flex or a house PA is done via the XLR mix out.

The SRM-Flex Connect app allows wireless control from iOS or Android devices. The app provides the same control available on the SRM-Flex itself as well as more customization like front LED and metering behavior, presets, and more.


“SRM-Flex is incredibly easy to get up and running and sounding great,” Reeves says. “And with full physical controls plus complete wireless control, adjustments on the fly are stress free.”

SRM-Flex will be available worldwide beginning October, 2019. U.S. MAP pricing is $999.99 for the system.


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