Mackie DL32R Supports Hip Hop Israel At International Competition

Founded in 2002, Hip Hop International is dedicated to promoting the culture of street art, including hip hop and breakdance.

The group recently had their first opportunity to use the Mackie DL32R in a live performance environment.

Leading up to this year’s International Hip Hop Competition in San Diego, California, Hip Hop Israel recently sponsored the country’s preliminary competitions, taking over the largest sporting venue in the coastal city of Ashkelon. The event welcomed groups from all over Israel, with more than 2,000 participants vying for the grand prize and a chance to participate in the San Diego finals.

Sound for the event was provided by Tel Aviv-based Halilit, bringing in full PA and video systems to pump up the crowd. Despite hundreds of performers and dozens of sets, front of house mix was handled by a single Mackie DL32R rack-mounted digital mixer with iPad control.

“The DL32R made setup really easy for this event,” remarked Ilan Murad, Halilt professional division manager. “Everything connects right to the rack at the side of the stage – no need to run a multichannel snake into the audience. And our front of house mixer was able to wander all over the hall, to get the best sound across the entire audience.”

With so many competitors and so many different sets, the DL32R’s snapshot memory also came in handy. “We were able to adjust levels for each act’s tracks with a single touch,” says Morad. “It made changeovers really fast.”

The ability to record each set was an added plus, says Murad. “We were able to create videos of the event, and each set also has a great sounding mix. And every participant in the event received a special registration code for the new Halilt website for special promotions, including Mackie gear.”

Murad reports that the event was a runaway success, and the DL32R was part of the winning team. “With so many performers and so little time, the DL32R really helped to make our work that much easier.”


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