Mackie Debuts MC Series Headphones And CR-Buds Earphones

New MC-150 and MC-250 headphones offer 50mm transducers in closed-back design with earbuds offering in-line mic with play/pause/answer button.

Mackie announces the all-new MC Series professional headphones and CR-Buds Series earphones. Building on the success of the MP Series in-ear monitors, these two new series offer affordable solutions for both studio monitoring and personal listening on the go.

The MC Series includes two models – the MC-150 and MC-250 – both with large 50mm transducers in closed-back designs, tuned for studio monitoring, mixing, and personal listening. The MC-150 is the perfect entry into professional headphones providing the audio fidelity and punchy bass response of much more expensive headphones. The MC-250 is tuned for accuracy and detail making them great for mixing and critical listening. Both models have soft ear pads and headbands, detachable cables, and come with a carry bag.

“Mackie has been providing high-performance studio gear for working musicians for decades,” remarks Mackie product manager, Matt Herrin. “And we are excited to bring that quality and value to another essential piece of gear for studios for the first time.”

The CR-Buds Series is available in two models – the CR-Buds and CR-Buds+ – and are the perfect step up from stock earbuds delivering signature Mackie sound quality on the go. The CR-Buds model features a dynamic driver for rich lows and highs with a traditional earbud form factor, plus an in-line mic with play/pause/answer button.

The CR-Buds+ model features dual dynamic drivers, which is typically only found on much more expensive earphones and monitors providing a smooth response across the entire frequency range. In addition, the CR-Buds+ have a professional in-ear monitor inspired, over-ear design for maximum comfort while staying in place and out of the way, plus a choice of foam and silicone tips. You can also answer calls and adjust device volume via the in-line controls. Both models have tangle-free cables and come with multiple ear tip sizes to find your best fit.

“With our extensive background in the studio and live sound markets,” says Herrin. “It only made sense to offer signature Mackie sound quality in a form factor that music lovers everywhere will enjoy.”
The Mackie MC Series will be available worldwide beginning November 2018. Sold individually, the US MSRP pricing is $84.99 for the MC-150 and $119.99 for the MC-250.

The Mackie CR-Buds Series will be available worldwide beginning November 2018. Sold individually, the US MSRP pricing is $24.99 for the CR-Buds and $49.99 for the CR-Buds+.


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