Mackie Announces Upgrades To ProFXv3 Series Analog Mixers

Mackie has announced upgrades to its ProFXv3 line of analog mixers with USB, including the addition of the company’s Onyx mic preamps, GigFX effects engine, 2 x 4 24-bit/192 kHz USB recording, and a modern design.

Also now included with the purchase of any ProFXv3 model is Pro Tools | First, plus the Mackie Musician Collection providing 23 Avid plugins valued at over $400 USD retail.

The ProFXv3 Series is available in the 6-Channel ProFX6v3, 10-Channel ProFX10v3, 12-Channel ProFX12v3, 16-Channel ProFX16v3, 22-Channel ProFX22v3, and 30-Channel ProFX30v3.

“Our Onyx mic preamps offer boutique-quality performance and sound quality,” says Matt Herrin, Mackie product manager. “Bringing them to ProFX for the first time is a major upgrade to the series that makes that sought-after sound more accessible than ever.”

The new GigFX High-Resolution effects engine offers 24 effects, including reverbs, delays, and more. Dialing them in is accomplished via the onboard selector knob.

The 2 x 4 I/O can be useful, for example, in creating two mixes on a computer and sending each to the mixer. A dedicated Blend knob allows choosing between monitoring the DAW output and direct latency-free monitoring or a blend of both.

The entire ProFXv3 line.

The new Avid plugins include the 304C compressor and 304E equalizer. Also provided is Waveform OEM DAW software with the DAW Essentials Collection of 16 plugins. In addition to ProFXv3, many other Mackie products will now be including Pro Tools | First and Waveform bundles.

The upgraded Mackie ProFXv3 will be available beginning October 2019. U.S. MSRP pricing: $199.99 for the ProFX6v3, $299.99 for the ProFX10v3, $429.99 for the ProFX12v3, $649.99 for the ProFX16v3, $919.99 for the ProFX22v3, and $1,169.99 for the ProFX30v3.


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