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Mac Miller’s Macadelic Tour Crosses The Country With EAW KF740/SB1000z

Showtime Sound provides 24 KF740 line array modules in two hangs of 12 modules each

Showtime Sound of Glenelg, Maryland supplied EAW KF740 line arrays, SB1000z subwoofers and numerous other EAW components for the recent Mac Miller Macadelic concert tour of the U.S., including 32 college campuses in 42 days.

Miller is an up-and-coming hip-hop artist who’s first single from his breakout mixtape, “Donald Trump,” garnered over 53 million views on YouTube.

Specifically, the system for the tour from Showtime Sound includes 24 KF740 line array modules in two hangs of 12 modules each. Six KF750 modules were used for flown for out fill, three per side, with six KF755 modules hung beneath as down fill, also three per side.

Another six EAW JF80 systems were used as front fills positioned along the front of the stage lip, with low end provided by 24 SB1000z large-format subwoofers.

The system was powered by Lab.gruppen PLM10000 and PLM20000 amplifiers using the Greybox settings to deliver EAW Focusing. The system tech for the tour was Alex Silver, while Robert Anders served as front of house engineer and Travis Walat handled monitor mixing.

“The system was perfect right out of the box,” says Scott Tydings, president of Showtime Sound. “We knew what would work well for Mac’s tour, and the EAW equipment was the perfect choice for it. The bottom end was exceptionally good. It just sounded great, no matter what size or type venue we were working in, from 1,500 people to 6,500.

“It was such a flexible PA that sounded great in any configuration, which is exactly what you want when you have an artist who is on his way up and the venues will be varied from night to night.”

Anders adds, “It was our first large-scale use of the PLM amplifiers and they worked exceptionally well with the EAW gear, thanks to the Greybox interface. It was also our first large hang of the KF740 units, and their SPL over distance was right on target for what the EAW Resolution modeling software had predicted.”

Anders also notes that the new ground stack adapter kit accessory available for the KF740 module (allowing simple, reliable and safe ground-stacking) was also put to use on several of the college dates, such as in gymnasiums where there were no fly points to attach a flown array configuration. “Everything about the EAW equipment performed flawlessly, from the software and the fly bar to the PA system itself. We couldn’t have asked for more.”


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