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Lynx Studio Technology Produces Informational Video On Thunderbolt

Company co-founder Bob Bauman discusses Thunderbolt technology and the new Aurora and Hilo models

Lynx Studio Technology has produced a video that explains how Thunderbolt technology has been implemented into the company’s Aurora and Hilo AD/DA converters.

In a conversation between Lynx co-founder Bob Bauman and chief hardware engineer Mike Nicoletti, a wide variety of topics are covered to explain the advantages of Thunderbolt connectivity and how Lynx integrated this technology. The HD video is featured on the Lynx Studio Tech YouTube channel and is also available for viewing below.

“The Aurora TB and Hilo TB models use the second generation Thunderbolt technology from Intel, Cactus Ridge,” states Phil Moon, Lynx vice president of sales & marketing. “This offers Lynx key feature advantages over the early-to-market Thunderbolt devices that have been available in 2012. Just one of the advantages is that the LT-TB is the first pro audio Thunderbolt device to allow six converters on a single Thunderbolt port.

“In this video Bob does a great job of explaining Thunderbolt in a clear, non-technical manner,” he continues. “This is an ideal interface technology for low latency, high channel count audio and this video is a must see for anyone considering Thunderbolt. Bob also talks about using the Aurora TB models with the new Mac Pro from Apple, which has six Thunderbolt ports.”

Topics discussed in the video include:

&      What is Thunderbolt?
&      Thunderbolt’s unique advantages for audio.
&      Lynx implementation of Thunderbolt technology for Aurora and Hilo.
&      Thunderbolt connection with PCI Express technology and why that is important.
&      Use with both Apple and Windows computers.
&      How this is different from some of the early-to-market Thunderbolt products currently available?
&      What is Thunderbolt 2 and why the LT-TB is compatible with this?

Lynx Thunderbolt products include the Hilo TB models in black and silver, the Aurora 8 TB, Aurora 16 TB and Aurora 16 VTTB. The LT-TB card can also be purchased separately and installed in any existing Aurora or Hilo converter.



Lynx Studio Technology

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