Lynx Studio Technology Introduces AES16e-50 With AES50 Interface At Winter NAMM ‘09

Multiple connectivity options are available on the new AES16e-50 PCI Express Card from Lynx Studio Technology.

In addition to offering 16 channels of 192 kHz AES/EBU digital I/O via its two d-sub ports, the AES16e-50 has 32 digital I/O channels using AES50 technology. AES50 provides a bi-directional, point-to-point connection for multi-channel audio and system control over a single CAT5e or CAT6 cable.

The benefits include reliable high-bandwidth data transfers, low latency, and low clock jitter. Complete networks can be built using routers with multiple AES50 ports.

“We became aware of AES50 and HyperMac a few years ago as we began development of the AES16e. The ability to offer the capabilities of our industry standard AES16 card on a PCI Express interface, while adding 32 channels of I/O and control on a single cable, makes the AES16e-50 very innovative and powerful,” stated Bob Bauman, chief hardware engineer and Lynx co-founder. “We are looking forward to working with Klark Teknik, Midas, Sadie, Merging Technologies and other companies to help support AES50.”

The AES50 port on the AES16e-50 provides up to 32 channels at 48 kHz, 24 channels at 96 kHz and 12 channels at 192 kHz. The single network cable also transmits sample clock and control data, making the AES16e-50 ideal for permanent installations, broadcast and live sound applications. Sixteen channels of sample rate conversion is also included on the AES16e-50.

“We are very pleased that innovative and respected companies such as Lynx are seeing the future potential of these powerful standards,” stated John Oakley, managing director of Klark Teknik and Midas. “AES50 and HyperMAC are far and away the best networking technologies for live performance use. They are totally deterministic with very low latency over multiple network segments and offer very high reliability and redundancy.

“The simultaneous low latency and high channel capacity coupled with the ability to carry standard TCP/IP messages cannot be matched by any other technology.”

The Lynx AES16e-50 will have a US suggested retail price of $995 and will be available in the first quarter of 2009.

For more information:
Lynx Studio Technology Website

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