LynTec Announces Series Of High-Current Latching Contactor Panels

LynTec announces the CTR Series of high-current latching contactor panels for the company’s RPC Series controllers.

In conjunction with the controllers, the CTR panels give users the option to control loads — either individually or as part of a sequencing group — that require more power than the maximum 30 amps a motorized circuit breaker can provide.

“For some customers, installations are getting more complex, and current loads are getting more demanding. Meanwhile, changes in technology are leading to new design opportunities. We created the CTR Series panels with these customers in mind,” said Mark Bishop, president of LynTec.

“These contactor panels don’t limit customers to controlling loads of 30 amps or less. Without that limitation, customers have greater design flexibility and can stay on top of changes in the lighting industry. Plus they only have to maintain a single RPC control platform for all of their lighting, which lowers the total cost of system operation.”

The CTR panels come loaded with up to four latching contactors that are used to control high current loads. The contactors are fed with non-motorized, three-pole circuit breakers from an RPC panel and then operated by the RPC controller. Power loads greater than 30 amps can be programmed and controlled just like a motorized breaker in LynTec’s RPC panels by placing a CTR contactor panel after an RPC breaker panel. Mechanically held contacts do not require holding current, which protects the circuit from power droops and reduces operating costs. Furthermore, users can manually override the contactors to close or open circuits in the absence of automatic control.

The combination of CTR and RPC panels is well-suited to applications such as lighting in entertainment spaces, especially those that are transitioning to LED lighting fixtures. This transition could enable designers to reroute power to new distribution paths — such as an overhead electrical busway instead of individual outlets — to gain more flexibility for light placement and powering. Applying the CTR-RPC panel combination in this type of situation provides a mechanism for controlling a 100-amp feed without introducing another control platform.

The CTR contactor panels are also ideal for large video walls, motor control, and other applications that require higher currents.


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