LynTec Adds Drivers For Extron Controllers

New drivers allow integrators to easily add network-enabled products into Extron control systems with drag-and-drop setup and configuration.

LynTec announces a series of drivers that enable control of LynTec’s RPC, RPCR, XPC, NPAC, and SC solutions from Extron controllers. Developed and tested by Extron, these drivers allow integrators to easily add LynTec’s series of network-enabled products into Extron control systems with simple drag-and-drop setup and configuration.

“An increasing number of customers have requested that our panels be brought into the Extron ecosystem,” says Mark Bishop, president of LynTec. “This is an exciting achievement that adds another layer of simplicity and furthers the value of our networked solutions. Thanks to Extron’s incredible professionalism and expertise, the integration and user experience is more seamless than ever before.”

The product-specific drivers integrate control of the LynTec panel with Extron. This allows the Extron control system to operate individual circuits or zones. For example, within the Extron interface, users can turn breakers on or off, with single button commands on Extron control devices.

Extron dealers can access the new library of LynTec driver files from Extron’s download site at Under the Control System Drivers tab, users navigate to the Extron device in the drop-down menu and select LynTec as the manufacturer.


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