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Lowell Manufacturing Celebrating 75th Anniversary

Company still run by the Lowell family began in 1947 with the production of a spun aluminum ceiling baffle that provided "sound from the ceiling."
Left to right: John Lowell, Jarret Lowell, Wilhelm Lowell and Tom Lowell.

Founded in 1947 by Ben and Dorothy Lowell, Pacific, MO-based Lowell Manufacturing has announced that it celebrating its 75th anniversary this year.

The company’s first product was a spun aluminum ceiling baffle that originated “sound from the ceiling.” The design was followed by a variety of audio components as the company expanded into developing products for professional systems integration.

Lowell has been awarded a number of patents as unique products were incorporated into the line, which grew to include speaker grilles, acoustic enclosures, speakers and horns, volume controls, switches, and system peripherals like 19-inch racks and cabinets, as well as a variety of accessories for reliable power distribution. The brand grew as customers came to appreciate the quality that it represents, building custom configurations when needed for special applications. The company produces more than 95 percent of its product line in the U.S.

John Lowell is the current president and CEO of Lowell Manufacturing and manages the company alongside brothers Wilhelm Lowell and Tom Lowell. They were pleased to welcome a third generation to the business in 2021 as John’s eldest son, Jarret Lowell, joined the team to focus on new business strategies.

“My father would be so happy to see the company he founded and nurtured 75 years ago now include a third generation of the Lowell family,” John Lowell states. “We continue his legacy of creating unique products coupled with unequalled customer-driven service.”

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