Lord’s Church LA Levels Up With Allen & Heath dLive

Gridworks outfits Los Angeles congregation with dLive C Class C2500 surface and DM32 MixRack for front of house, in-ear monitors and streaming broadcast.

Lord’s Church LA in Bellflower, California serves its local congregation and a growing international audience with an Allen & Heath dLive digital mixing system for front of house, in-ear monitors and streaming broadcast. The church purchased its dLive as part of a complete audio system upgrade designed and installed by Gridworks, an audio, lighting and video integrator in Torrance, CA.

Christopher Johnson, VP of sales at Gridworks says the church wanted a system that would be easy to operate for its volunteer tech crew yet have the mixing power for simultaneous front of house, monitor and broadcast mixes. Johnson recommended the Allen & Heath dLive C Class C2500 surface and DM32 MixRack supplemented with a DX168 Expander.

A Lord’s Church LA volunteer mixes FOH on the dLive C2500

“They use dLive layers for the different mixes they need and dLive scenes for different songs and services,” says Johnson. “We gave them a pair of IP6 remote controllers on stage for the band to adjust its in-ear monitor mixes,” he continues. “And we added an IP8 remote controller for the broadcast mix. This setup allows one person at the C2500 to perform all three mixes if they’re short-handed.”

Jason Phillips, lead pastor at Lord’s Church LA says, “This was a light-years tech jump for us. The capabilities of that board are just endless and I’m sure we’re just scratching the surface. It has completely changed our audio/video programming and taken us to a whole new level.”

Phillips says the Lord’s Church LA online audience is now larger than the local congregation and serves people in North America, Europe and Asia through Facebook, YouTube and the church’s own website. “We’re even getting feedback from other pastors telling us that we’re putting out a great online product.”

Phillips comments, “I guarantee we have the best audio/video system in the city. The capabilities and the sound are just awesome and the sky is the limit on what we can do with the dLive.”

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