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Log Cabin Studio Expands With Toft ATB24 Console

Kris Kolp’s Log Cabin Studio (Tallahassee, FL) has just undergone a complete renovation and expansion, nearly doubling in size to approximately 1,000 square feet of space.

“Now I have three rooms to record and track in,” says Kolp, who broke ground for the project back in April 2008, plus a control room, the center piece of which is a Toft ATB24 console.

“I purchased the ATB24 in a pilot program a little over a year ago, just before its general release on the market,” says Kolp. “I graduated from college with a degree in computer science, so my training in recording and mixing audio began with ProTools 3 and ProTools 24.

“Later I had some opportunities to record using an SSL console and a Trident 80B, and loved working on the Trident. I worked on some other small analog consoles, but none that I would have wanted in my studio. When I found out that Toft had manufactured an affordable console, I jumped at the opportunity.”

“The first time I ran audio through the board, it was obvious that it was doing something sweet.”

The studio has always been called Log Cabin Studio, says Kolp. But the addition of freshly milled cypress log wall paneling on the walls, plus birch flooring, “finally justifies the studio’s name,” he says.

Recent Log Cabin projects include a country/rock album with local singer/songwriter, Dan Newman that Kolp is producing. “We’re using several local musicians and session musicians who previously lived in the area on this project.”

Kolp is also co-producing another CD project with a locally-based musician/arranger, Shyam, entitled “Lakulish Love.”

A meld of East and West, the album combines live jams with kirtan chanting call-and-response with the Tallahassee Boys Choir. Shyam, a.k.a. Hal Month, has experience in the rock/jam band scene as a member of several touring acts including Ancient Harmony, Cosmic Charlie, and The Dead Keys.

“Both of these projects will go to mastering, with Terry Manning at Compass Point in the Bahamas, in the next few months and will be released in the spring,” says Kolp.

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