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The new Audient iD44 audio interface in place in the Liverpool studio of record producer and songwriter Alec Brits.

Liverpool-Based Producer & Songwriter Alec Brits Adds To His Audient Toolkit

iD44 20-input/24-output audio interface is the latest addition to his toolkit, where it joins an Audient stable that includes an ASP4816 mixing console as well as EVO 4, EVO 16, SP8 units.

Liverpool-based record producer and songwriter Alec Brits recently added an Audient iD44 20-input/24-output audio interface to his toolkit, where it joins his Audient stable that includes an ASP4816 mixing console at the heart of his workflow joined by EVO 4, EVO 16, SP8 units.

Brits says that he seeks a very specific atmosphere at his “one room-style” recording space at The Cabin. “I want it to feel like you are walking into your best friend from childhood’s home, which just so happens to be filled with the finest instruments and recording equipment: low pressure, high quality,” he says. He gets a steady flow of bands coming through his doors, including St Catherine’s Child, HOLLOWBODY, Bubba Shrimps and Clean Cut Kid, among others.

A LIPA alumnus, he describes how the ASP4816 has helped him develop his recording style. “I have loved how it has allowed me to try different workflows and learn the sound of the analogue workflow both in recording and mixing. The cost-effective nature of this particular console makes it an absolute win sonically, without having to face any of the downsides of console ownership.”

Brits also has the benefit of having a separate home studio space, which is dedicated to songwriting, mix prep — and video editing, when he’s working on his YouTube content. “This room is much smaller and sounds very dry and tight,” he explains. “It allows for the opportunity for a fresh perspective after a long day, week or month in The Cabin. Less gear which provides less option paralysis.”

When not working on clients’ projects in the studio, he reviews products on his YouTube channel. No ordinary product reviews, however, as he writes a brand new song for each video when the product is used for the capture of audio. Of his evalution of the iD44, which he decided to keep, he says, “It was the perfect fit for my home studio, because it could have several different microphones set up at one time. It allowed me to audition speakers, but most importantly it did something that very few pieces of equipment get right: the iD44 never gets in the way.

“The AD/DA of the unit is stunning, and the fact that there are two headphone outs (with a 3.5 mm additional input!) just makes life a lot easier. I have one set of closed-back headphones, and one set of open-back headphones for mixing and tracking respectively. The mic pre’s are of course familiar as well. It’s a solidly built unit that feels like it can also be used in self-defence if needed.”


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