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Live Webinar “RF Stories From The Field: Stadium Events” On Friday (April 17)

Addressing large-scale RF project management, coordinating with other teams, planning RF strategy and more.
Wireless Webinar

The Shure Pro Market Development team along with special guests Gary Trenda of Professional Wireless Systems, and Michael Mason and Loren Sherman of CP Communications will present a live webinar on Friday (April 17) discussing how to overcome unique RF situations in large stadiums.

Specifically they’ll be addressing RF project management of large events, how to coordinate with other teams in the production, and how to plan and execute a RF strategy. There will be plenty of stories from past experiences from the field as well.

Everyone is invited to this free live webinar, and their will also be an audience Q&A segment. The webinar kicks off at 12 pm (noon) U.S. CST on Friday, April 17. Register and find out more here.

Professional Wireless Systems
CP Communications

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