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Live Sound Advice Offers Free Instructional Videos

New company releases YouTube series and incorporates InstaSnakes into training and productions.

Live Sound Co. launches its Live Sound Advice YouTube channel, free instructional videos featuring industry expert Mike Sokol, on choosing and using the right sound gear for your music production or worship service

The new company has also chosen to integrate InstaSnake into its training events and productions.
“My first exposure to InstaSnake technology was in 2008 when I was hired by Jeremiah Leiter at Maryland Sound International (MSI) to wire much of the audio infrastructure for the first Obama Inauguration. This included wiring the presidential parade review stand and announcers as well as the press/media distro for the television and radio networks covering the event,” says Sokol.

“Installation was simple enough since we had a big spool of CAT5 UTP and a box of RJ-45 connectors. We ran CAT5 under the street and bleachers, crimped on the RJ-45 connectors, plugged in the InstaSnake boxes, and sent mic-level signal instantly. It was pretty amazing considering how many other audio and video cables were in the same raceway. We had zero crosstalk, zero hum, and zero buzz. It just worked flawlessly.

“Now years later I’m the lead designer and trainer for Live Sound Co., a new company started by the same Jeremiah Leiter, who was formally the general manager of MSI. Since both of us have used InstaSnake technology in the past, we decided it was time to integrate it into our current productions. We’re now using a pair of InstaSnakes to distribute 4 channels of line-level audio for front of house speakers and delays, and plan to add additional InstaSnake boxes to run 4-channel groups of stage monitors. Since we focus on medium sized events, one 4-channel InstaSnake would be sufficient for front line stage monitors, and a second 4-channel InstaSnake will work for the back line monitors.

“We really like the fact that we can use our existing 150 ft CAT5 STP digital snakes as 4-channel analog runs for smaller gigs. And the STP cable allows us to use phantom powered mics if we want to. All in all the InstaSnake is a great tool to have in your gig box for real world audio.”

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