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Listen Technologies Announces G3 Third-Generation Confidea Wireless Conference System

Integrates a new wireless engine and offers more available frequencies

Listen Technologies announces G3, the third generation of Confidea wireless conferencing systems and a continuation of the company’s ongoing partnership with Televic, distributor of Listen’s multi-band wireless conference products to customers in North America.

The G3 system integrates a new wireless engine and offers more available frequencies for improved global communication compared to other wireless conferencing solutions, according to Listen Technologies.
G3 also provides simplified button layout with a more intuitive user interface, improved chairman control, upgraded battery technology (Lithium-ion), and an engine that uses less power, and built-in AES encryption for meeting confidentiality. 

Controls & Features:

—Built-in loudspeaker that is automatically muted when the microphone is active to prevent acoustic feedback.

—Microphone on/off or request-to-speak button with two signaling LEDs.

—Two headphone outputs.

—One headphone volume adjustment.

In addition, the chairman version (CD) comes with a priority and next-in-line button.

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