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Linear Acoustic The Choice Of India’s Shalom TV

Broadcast processors helped to improve the station's quality of work and workflow.

Linear Acoustic has announced that they recently supplied an TV stereo audio processor to Shalom Television, a Christian channel located in Calicut, India.

The new Linear Acoustic hardware, which replaced the broadcaster’s previous software-based solution, has improved Shalom TV’s audio quality while also introducing cost savings through its real-time processing.

According to Technical Director/Chief Audio Engineer Mukesh Chandra, Shalom TV investigated several alternative processing solutions before discovering the TV system. “Sound plays a major role in broadcast, and we were in search of a good product that could give us a better sound with respect to other broadcast stations,” he said.

“When we tried the, we found that it gave us a better signature sound than any other product.”

Shalom TV previously needed to employ a mastering engineer to master programs prior to broadcast. “As we are using the in our MCR there is no need to wait for a product to come from mastering,” Chandra said.

“Now everything is done by in real time without wasting time and quality. is doing the job in real time with better efficiency and with better results. It is helping to improve the audio quality of our channel a lot, as well as giving us a good signature sound.”

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