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Linea Research Power/DSP/Networking Drives New System At First Baptist Church In TX

Audio power for system's Fulcrum Acoustic loudspeakers provided by a single Linea Research 44M10 amplifier with a Dante input module

First Baptist Church in Canyon Lake, TX recently celebrated the unveiling of a newly revamped sound system in its worship sanctuary, which is driven by new technology from Linea Research.

As the church’s style of worship has evolved over the years, becoming more contemporary, it became clear that the existing vocal reinforcement system could no longer deliver the performance they now require. The church approached systems integrator Hairel Enterprises (Conroe, TX) to discuss options.

“The existing sound system was more than 15 years old, and although it covered the room adequately, they were really in need of a more powerful modern system designed for full-range music reproduction,” explains Bruce Simmons, senior systems designer at Hairel. “The sanctuary is a relatively long and narrow space, and their need for a high quality, well-controlled system that would also keep us within budget made the selection of Fulcrum Acoustic loudspeakers and Linea Research amplifiers a logical choice.”

For the main center and delay loudspeakers Simmons chose Fulcrum CX1226 12-inch coaxial enclosures, adding another for choir monitor and a SUB218 double 18-inch subwoofer for low-frequency support. Audio power is provided by a single Linea Research 44M10 4-channel amplifier with an (Audinate) Dante input module.

“With this system maximizing their budget was key,” Simmons reports. “We selected the Linea Research amplifier because of its built-in networked DSP to provide our system processing. With the addition of a Dante input module and a Dante-equipped mixing console, we were able to keep equipment and cabling to a minimum, reducing both hardware and installation costs. Programming the amp via its software application was quick and simple, and the sound quality is outstanding.”

First Baptist youth and missions pastor Brian Gunter states, “We couldn’t be happier with the results. Hairel Enterprises did a great job of bringing in the right system for our needs, and their service and support has been excellent.”

Linea Research recently entered the U.S. market, distributed and supported by Allied SMD/Linea Research North America, headed by industry veteran Rik Kirby.

Linea Research.
Hairel Enterprises
Allied SMD/Linea Research North America

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