Line 6 Digital Wireless The Choice For Gerry Stinson Audio Installations

After 25 years on the road, including almost a decade as front of house engineer and production manager for blues artist Jonny Lang, Gerry Stinson is back home in St. Cloud, Minnesota, about an hour north of Minneapolis, where he now runs Gerry Stinson Audio.

He is engaged in a large number of install projects, and has found a new favorite wireless system for his customers.

“The Line 6 XD-V digital wireless is a game-changer,” he says. “They sound great, and finding available frequencies just isn’t an issue. Plus, they hit a great price point and are as physically tough as most products I’ve used out on tour. It’s just a great design.”

Gerry Stinson Audio recently completed an install with the new Discovery Church in nearby Sauk Rapids, a facility that employs 14 channels of Line 6 wireless purchased locally from Bridge Of Harmony.

“I’ve installed over 500 channels of wireless in the past 20 months, and almost all of it has been Line 6, whether it’s a new space or an existing system,” Stinson adds. “Line 6 allows me to provide tour-quality wireless at an entry-level price point, and that’s making a huge impact in my community.”

“I especially like the headset,” Stinson notes. “Even on a pro touring stage, it’s difficult to get consistently good sound from a headworn mic, but Line 6 uses DSP to apply some corrective EQ that actually addresses that issue. The midrange stays intact, with no companding in the digital signal path. Also, the headset itself is good quality, with a nice, stiff boom and two earpieces, so the mic position is stable and repeatable. Both my customers and I have been very impressed.”

Line 6

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