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Lectrosonics The Choice Of Page Daniel Wireless Sound

The sound quality, reliability, and ease of use of Lectrosonics wireless translated to a great ROI for Page Daniel.

For Page Daniel Wireless Sound, the ability to deliver wireless microphone systems of all sizes is key to their theatrical clients’ success.

Be it a relatively small setup of half a dozen transmitters and receivers to augment an existing setup or a full scale wireless deployment upwards of forty pieces, the equipment’s sound quality, reliability, and ease of use are the key ingredients that constitute success.

For Page Daniel, owner/operator of Page Daniel Wireless Sound, those three ingredients translate to wireless technology Lectrosonics.

“We rent to theatre companies across the nation,” states Page.

“Over the years, we’ve provided wireless systems for the Arkansas Repertory Theatre’s productions including Les Misérables and Tommy. We’ve also provided equipment to New York’s Neptune Theater for The Extraordinary Ordinary as well as Cypress College’s production of The Full Monty.”

“In each case, the equipment’s ability to deliver first-class sound quality and the ease of configuring RF frequencies—combined with rock solid reliability—is really what separates Lectrosonics from the competition.”

Page Daniel Wireless Sound has a lot of Lectrosonics equipment. “I use the Lectrosonics SM Series transmitters extensively,” Page reports. “I’m also very fond of the LMa and the MM400 models.”

“As for receivers, I’ve been very impressed with the modular design of the Venue mainframes that enable me to load as many as six VRS or VRT receiver modules into a single rack space. The Lectrosonics’ ALP-500 shark fin antennas, the LecNet2 software, and the RM remote are also in demand from my clients.”

Page states that Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid Wireless technology is one of the key features that really make a difference in the quality of the audio signal. “The sound quality of the Lectrosonics equipment is, first and foremost, what really makes the equipment stand out,” he says.

“Since there’s no companding, the wireless mics have a ‘cabled’ quality that you just don’t find with other wireless systems.”

“Reliability and the compact form factor of the transmitters are additional factors that are critically important to my business,” he continued. “You simply can’t have theatrical productions where the wireless mics fail—it’s highly disruptive and completely destroys the show for the audience”.

“The Lectrosonics equipment is extremely rugged. I’ve actually encountered situations where my MM400 water-resistant transmitter was completely submerged and yet it kept on working as though nothing had happened. Similarly, performers often get really hot and perspiration can be another problematic issue for some equipment, but not with Lectrosonics.”

The Lectrosonics SM Series Super-Miniature transmitters are among Page’s favorites. “These transmitters are really small and can easily be hidden among the wardrobe,” he said, “and with the RM remote, I can adjust audio input gain, as well as sleep mode on/off to conserve battery power—all without having to disrupt the costume.”

“When you consider that it’s not the least bit uncommon for the talent to get into costume well in advance of the show’s start, the ability to conserve battery power becomes an important consideration. I’m honestly not certain who appreciates the RM remote’s capabilities more—the sound technicians or the wardrobe people!”

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“It’s not uncommon for my clients to already own some wireless microphone equipment, so my rentals frequently augment their existing systems,” said Page. “But once the client hears the Lectrosonics gear, it always goes on the lead talent—if it isn’t already.”

“My clients regularly tell me they can hear the difference and it always brings them back for future business. When you consider the sound quality, the dropout-free reliability, the ease of getting everything setup and ready to go, and the ability to access the transmitter’s key functions remotely, you simply can’t beat Lectrosonics. For me, that all translates to the best possible ROI (return on investment).”


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