Lectrosonics Releases Duet Digital Wireless Monitor System

Features M2T transmitter and M2R diversity belt pack receiver covering UHF frequencies of 470-608 MHz, with analog or Dante (optional) digital inputs

Lectrosonics announces that the Duet digital wireless monitor (IEM) system is now shipping.

The new system is comprised of the M2T dual-stereo half-rack transmitter and M2R diversity belt pack receiver. The Duet covers the UHF frequencies of 470-608 MHz in a single range, uses digital modulation for transmission, and can accept analog or Dante (optional) digital inputs. The new system is designed and developed with professional touring, installation, theater, film making and broadcast customers in mind.

The M2T half-rack transmitter houses two independent stereo transmitters. The analog input connectors are full size XLR/TRS combo types for balanced line level analog signals while the input preamp circuits use a special balanced amplifier with very high common mode rejection to minimize hum and noise. A version of the transmitter also offers a Dante Ultimo interface via dual RJ45 connectors, accepting Dante networked audio inputs and can cascade the digital stream to additional units via CAT6 cables.

An Ethernet connection is also offered on an additional RJ45 for programming and control via Lectrosonics Wireless Designer software. The transmitter features a full color, backlit LCD for high visibility in any environment, while the chassis is all-metal and can be racked singly with an optional kit or in pairs using supplied rack mount hardware.

The M2R bodypack receiver features 24-bit digital audio for high resolution sound quality with wide dynamic range, low noise floor, and solid stereo image. The headphone jack is fed from a stereo amplifier with 250 mW available to drive headphones or earphones to sufficient levels for stage performance or other noisy environments. A high-resolution, color LCD allows for a wide range of menu options, including precise limiter settings, using detailed graphics.

Both the M2R and M2T units have 2-way IR sync, so scan data from the receiver can be sent to the transmitter and thus onto the Ethernet network for use by Wireless Designer software for frequency planning and coordination purposes. Additionally, the system includes a FlexList mode, where a number of names and associated frequencies can be stored in the receiver. This way, a monitor engineer can quickly find and listen to any of the performers’ mixes on the stage.

“The Duet wireless IEM system has generated a huge amount of interest since we introduced it earlier this year,” says Karl Winkler, vice president of sales & service at Lectrosonics. “We are pleased that it is now available for orders and shipping. We’re excited about the potential impact of this product on the various markets we serve.”


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