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Lawo IP AV & Core Infrastructure Key To Upgrade At Mediapro Argentina

Project also includes mc²-based audio infrastructure utilizing six Lawo mc²56 production consoles, Nova audio routers, five Lawo Commentary Units, and more.
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One of the new Lawo mc²56 production consoles at Mediapro Argentina.

Mediapro Argentina, an audiovisual services company, based in Buenos Aires where ESPN broadcasts sports-related programming for the region in Spanish, was recently the subject of a multipart upgrade where UNITECNIC integrated a new IP infrastructure utilizing Lawo components.

In the first upgrade stage, Mediapro Argentina and Unitecnicinstalled a V__matrix IP video system for edge conversion and signal processing as well as an mc²-based audio infrastructure utilizing six Lawo mc²56 production consoles, Nova audio routers, five Lawo Commentary Units (LCU), VisTool-based touchscreen control panels and several R3LAY virtual soundcards for integrating PC-based audio solutions into the ST2110/AES67/RAVENNA IP network.

V__matrix is a software-defined IP core routing and processing platform designed to supply flexibility, fabric computing and COTS economics. It leverages generic high capacity FPGA-based processing blades upon which Virtual Modules (apps) are loaded to create the functionality required. Multiple cores are connected through redundant 40GE (or 4x 10GE) Ethernet interfaces to an IP network to form a distributed IP routing and processing matrix that provides frame-accurate, clean switching just like a legacy baseband matrix.

The mc²56 audio production console is optimized for IP-video production environments, with full native support for SMPTE 2110, AES67 / RAVENNA, DANTE and MADI audio streams. Networking capabilities include IP-Share gain compensation and DSCA Dynamic Surface to Core Allocation. The console is incorporating LiveView thumbnail previews of associated video streams, designed to enhance user accuracy in fast-paced production situations.

The console is available in frames from 16 to 112 faders (dual fader version: up to 144 faders), 8,192 x 8,192 crosspoints, 1024 DSP channels, 192 summing buses and 128 Aux buses at 44.1 – 96kHz operation.

Ruby is a AES67 radio console with RAVENNA AoIP and Ember+ networked control. Its Power Core mixing engine is equipped with dual-network redundancy, hitless merge and LACP for instantaneous recovery from network faults. High-density MADI and AES67 interfaces, plus eight expansion slots for mic, line, AES3 and studio outputs, supply an ample amount of I/O in 1 RU of rack space.

Ruby clients can choose their level of DSP capabilities from a variety of tiered license packs. Designed for small, medium and large console sizes, these packs let users strike their preferred balance between power and price, delivering up to 96 DSP channels for audio shaping, 80 summing buses, multiple AutoMix groups, comprehensive compression/expansion/de-essing and more.


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