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Lawo Introduces mc²36 Console In 48-Fader Layout

New dual-fader operating bay for the audio production desk allows 48 faders in the same space as a 32-fader board.
The mc²36 from Lawo that's now also available with 48 faders. A larger version of this image is below.

Lawo has announced the debut of a new dual-fader operating bay for its mc²36 audio production console that allows 48 faders in the same space as a 32-fader board.

With DSP more than doubled from its predecessor, the new mc²36 with built-in A__UHD Core functionality offers 256 processing channels, available at both 48 and 96 kHz, and natively supports ST2110, AES67, RAVENNA, and Ember+. It provides an I/O capacity of 864 channels, with local connections that include 3 redundant IP network interfaces, 16 Lawo-grade mic/line inputs, 16 line outputs, 8 AES3 inputs and outputs, 8 GPIO connections, and an SFP MADI port.

Operating and visualizing features include Button-Glow and touch-sensitive rotary controls, color TFT fader-strip displays, LiveView video thumbnails, and precise 21.5-inch full HD touchscreen controls. Its built-in full loudness control is compliant with the ITU 1770 (EBU/R128 or ATSC/A85) standard, with peak and loudness metering that can measure individual channels as well as summing buses.

The mc²36 offers integration of third-party solutions like recording systems, effects engines, and other systems running on external PCs, into its user interface. Applications display right in the console’s screen, while console keyboard, touchpad and touchscreen provide control. In addition, it offer integration of Waves SuperRack SoundGrid, providing operators with access to Waves’ extensive plugin selection of real-time signal processing alongside the console’s internal processing engine, with no additional screens or control devices required.

The mc²36 is based on Lawo’s A__UHD technology and includes Lawo’s proprietary new IP Easy functionality that’s designed to make connecting IP audio and I/O devices as easy as if they were baseband. The console automatically detects new devices and makes them available at the touch of a button. IP Easy also manages IP addresses, multicast ranges, and VLANs, and includes security features like access control and quarantining of unknown devices to protect your network.

Further, Lawo HOME is natively built on a cloud-ready microservices architecture, enabling users to connect, manage and secure networked production setups from the ground up. Further, it provides centralized access and control for all Lawo gear within a setup.

Go here for more specifics on the mc²36.


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