Lavoce Italiana Introduces New DN14.300T Large-Format Neodymium Compression Driver

Newest member of the Next Generation series designed to deliver highly linear frequency response to 20 kHz.
The new DN14.300T neodymium compression driver from Lavoce Italiana.

Lavoce Italiana has announced the introduction of the new DN14.300T 1.4-inch-exit neodymium compression driver, joining the company’s Next Generation series of transducers.

Following the Next Generation design approach and incorporating patented Integral Input Surface phase plug technology, the DN14.300T has been created for the premium end of the large-format compression driver category, offering a high flux density driver with low distortion and highly linear frequency response to 20 kHz.

The DN14.300T has a 3-inch edgewond copper-clad aluminum voice coil and a one-piece titanium diaphragm and surround. Diameter is 130 mm and depth is 51 mm, while weight is 2.1 kg. It carries a stated a 110-watt AES power rating and 109 dB sensitivity, with a 1,200 Hz recommended crossover point.

Pierpaolo DeMinicis, Pro Audio Division Manager for Lavoce Italiana, states, “We are thankful to say that we’re experiencing increased output from our new compression driver production line, and this is very much down to the innovative design approach our R&D team have developed for our next generation range of HF products, so we are very proud to have the DN14.300T setting the standard for even more exciting large format solutions next year.”

Frequency response chart for the new DN14.300T compression driver provided by Lavoce Italiana.

Lavoce Italiana

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