Launch Of New On-Stage ASWS58 Colored Windscreens & ASWS30-B Gooseneck Windscreen

ASWS58 for handheld mics available in five colors; ASWS30-B is compatible with most slim gooseneck mics up to 14 mm in diameter.
New On-Stage ASWS58 colored windscreens.

The Music People, parent company of On-Stage and TMP-Pro, has debuted the new On-Stage ASWS58 line of colored windscreens — available in yellow, orange, purple and gray — as well as the new ASWS30-B windscreen for gooseneck mics.

The windscreens are designed to reduce vocal pops and hisses in shielding mics from wind and breath. They’re made of foam that stretches to snugly fit mic heads, fitting a wide range of handheld mics.

“The new ASWS58 windscreens offer performers a fun way to guard against plosive noises without compromising audio quality,” says Jason Joyal, On-Stage Product Line Manager. “They’re also great because in addition to eliminating pops and hisses, they also protect against dust, debris and moisture.”

The new ASWS30-B reduces wind and plosive noises to help preserve vocal tone with its acoustically transparent foam. Also shielding mics from dust, debris and moisture, it too stretches to provide a reliable fit with small-diaphragm gooseneck mics. It’s compatible with most slim gooseneck mics up to 14 millimeters (mm) in diameter, including models such as the AKG CK31 and CK33, Audio-Technica AT857, U857 and U859, Audix USB12, Countryman IsoMax 4, Electro-Voice HM-2, Sennheiser ME3EW, and Shure MX412 and MX418.

The Music People

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