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One of the zones of the large-scale Wellfit gym in Dubai covered by Martin Audio loudspeakers.

Large-Scale UAE Fitness Center Keeps Up The Pace With Martin Audio

Coverage at new Wellfit gym in Dubai, spanning more than 75,000 square feet, delivered by 200 loudspeakers from the CDD, Blackline and ADORN product series.

The new Wellfit gym in Dubai, UAE, billed as the largest indoor health and fitness club in the country with facilities spanning more than 75,000 square feet, has been equipped with sound reinforcement employing 200 loudspeakers of several different ranges from Martin Audio.

Audio is delivered throughout the facility’s main activity zones via CDD series coaxial differential dispersion loudspeakers installed by local partner PRO LAB to a specification by Pulse Middle East, which is responsible for the design and build of the venue. The differential dispersion horn has a trapezoidal dispersion pattern in both vertical and horizontal planes, an approach designed to cover the specified area with sound more evenly.

PRO LAB has a long history with Martin Audio systems, and in particular the compact CDD series. “It was the coverage pattern in particular that drew us to CDD,” explains PRO LAB managing director Rami Haber. Specifically, six CDD10 and 50 CDD8 loudspeakers are distributed throughout the space, with low frequencies handled by 14 SX210 and four SX212 subwoofers.

In addition, PRO LAB and Pulse specified 20 Blackline X10, 32 X8B and a pair of X12B loudspeakers joined by 18 X115B subwoofers. These are situated in the corners of the main studio. Ancillary retail and leisure areas are served by a combination of 15 ACS-55T 5.25in passive two-way ceiling loudspeakers, 20 x ACP-55TB pendant loudspeakers and 19 ACS 40TS 4-inch compact ceiling loudspeakers that are all part of the ADORN series.

The loudspeakers take feeds from a variety of sources, including PIXILAB, which controls all audio, visual, lighting (including architectural) and content, as well as computer-delivered background music along with Audix microphones and other AV sources (HDMI TX and RX).

“After working with many premier speaker systems previously in other gyms the client was very happy with the coverage, performance, and quality provided by Martin Audio and Pulse,” Haber concludes.

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