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Large-Format Audient ASP8024 Console Chosen For Studio des Bruères In France

As well as the attractive feature set, the large-format desk creates a visual impact in the studio

An Audient ASP8024 console was the first choice for Jean-Christian Maas, owner of Studio des Bruères, a highly specified studio situated in a tranquil yet accessible location in Poitiers, France.

Dedicated to the production—and co-production—of artists, Maas offers aa different service to that of standard commercial studios.

“We prefer to work on projects that we record and mix, so that we can maximize the synergy and efficiency,” he explains. “The bulk of our work is recommended by word-of-mouth and are mostly jazz and classical music, but more recently we have also had some pop/rock.

“The Audient ASP8024 console is exactly what we were looking for because it suits the way we work in both the analog and digital domains,” Maas continues. “We use a wide range of software and hardware outboard and therefore were after a very transparent console to preserve signal integrity. Its transparency also allows us to use it as a summing unit (with real panoramic faders) and greatly contributes to the overall sound of the final mix.

“The preamps have an excellent dynamic and the EQ strips are more than correct. The routing is very well thought out too,” he concludes.

As well as the attractive feature set, the large-format desk—supplied by Funky Junk France—creates a visual impact in the studio. Comprising 100 square meters of analog consoles and outboard, vintage instruments and an array of digital tools, Studio des Bruères is perhaps best described as a venue created by musicians for musicians.


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