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LAB Best Threads: You Might Be A Sound Tech If…

What are the warning signs that you may actually be an audio professional?

Editor’s Note: Here’s an interesting thread from the PSW Live Audio Board (LAB) forums. It’s lightly edited for grammar and formatting. Enjoy.

Posted by Chuck
— Your favorite topics of discussion are kick drum mics and loud guitar players.
— You can open a door with any part of your body (while carrying equipment).
— Your deck at home is finished with Dura Tex.
— Your home stereo is covered with Rat Fur (or are Shure Vocal Masters)

Reply by Ivan
— If you pay attention to the ceiling speakers while getting a salad.
— If your wife refuses to go to shows with you because you will talk about the sound and not the artist.

Reply by Jonathan
— The last time my wife and I went to a show she was the one complaining about the sound, I was biting my tongue, LOL.

Reply by Chris
— Me, too. The last couple of “events” we were at, she said “You wouldn’t let that happen, would you?” and “Go over there and fix that for them. It’s OK” (That was at a family event, where the hired DJ was in the process of melting the rig……)

Reply by Lee
…You find yourself diving for an invisible EQ when you hear squeaks and squeals from brakes, doors, old playground equipment, etc.

Reply by Keith
— Or the squeak of metal chair legs on a concrete arena floor. Don’t ask ….
— You yell at the TV when the audio mixer makes a mistake on an awards show.
— You try to identify all the mics… on that awards show.
— You wait for the wide jib shot to see what the PA is… on that awards show.
— The audio system in the car is worth more than the car.

Reply by David
— If it irritates you when every movie or TV show where a PA is used MUST have the obligatory squeal when someone steps to the mic.

Reply by Dennis
…You haven’t been able to park a 4-wheeled vehicle in your garage for the last 35 years.

Reply by Robert
— That just means you haven’t graduated to the “I need to rent a storage space” plateau yet.

Reply by Bill
— If the phrase “is this thing on?” raises your blood pressure to stroke-inducing levels.

Reply by Debbie
— What about this… And yes, it is true… You might be a soundman (or woman) if your bedroom night stands are 19-inch road cases with drawers installed and your night lights are LED pars…..

Reply by Craig
— The stereo in your living room is rack mounted.
— You go “postal” if channel one contains something other than the kick drum.
— Your significant other knows what an SM58 is.
— A “day off” means you will be cleaning cables and sorting road trunks.

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